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Middle Spunk Creek Boys (1981--)

I joined the Middle Spunk Creek Boys in 1981. That band is still thriving!
For more information than you can stand about them, please visit The Middle Spunk Creek Boys web site.


Buckacre Bluegrass Show (1975 - 1982)

BUCKACRE was a hell of an exciting and entertaining band. Alas, we never recorded.

After we found out about the "Buckacre" country-rock band that recorded with MCA records, we started referring to ourselves as "Buckacre Bluegrass Show."

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buckacre_1sr_portrait.jpg (51047 bytes)
(Photo by Jan Anderson)
First band portrait, 1976-ish. Top: John Sandell, Mark Seeger
Bottom: Bruce Jaeger, Mike Hildebrandt, Paul Moe

pracna_on_main.jpg (55204 bytes)
At Pracna-on-Main, St. Patrick's Day, 1976. I don't think those shirts would fit anymore!
L-R Paul Moe, Bruce Jaeger, Mark Seeger, Mike Hildebrand. John Sandell out of the photo to the right, probably pinching a waitress...

Old_Tyme_Buckacre.jpg (34641 bytes)
(Photo by The Victorian Photographer)
Coolest band photo! Top: John Sandell, Mike Hildebrandt, Tom O'Neill
Bottom: Bruce Jaeger, Paul Moe.  From about 1976 or 1977

From around 1977: The DEFINITIVE version of "Boil That Cabbage Down!"

cigareetes&whuskey1978.jpg (18882 bytes)
(Photo by Pat Russell)
"Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women"
A bubble blowing duet (Doug did the tenor bubbling).
Bruce Jaeger, Charles "Doug" Davis, Paul Moe.  1978
Sample Songs: William Tell Overture (from a cassette recorded at Anoka Ramsey in 1978)

Buckacre_at_Heritage_Square.jpg (72918 bytes)
(Photo by Pat Russell)
Buckacre Bluegrass at Heritage Square, Minnesota State Fair, August 1979
(Bruce Winther, Barry St. Mane, Bruce Jaeger, Paul Moe)
Sample songs: Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor (from a cassette recorded at Anoka Ramsey in August of 1979)

Buckacre1980.jpg (41587 bytes)
Last band portrait, 1981-ish. L-R Barry St. Mane, Bruce Jaeger, Paul Moe, Bruce Winther.

Bruce_and_Barry_at_Amalgamated.jpg (38960 bytes)
(Photo by Pat Russell)
"Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women":
Bruce and Barry at the late, much lamented Amalgamated Eating and Drinking Establishment, about 1979


The Glacial Drifters (1973-1974?)

C.J. Anderson, Jan Anderson, Larry Stolberg, Bruce Jaeger and The Five Fingers of Death.

"Salty Dog Blues" (from a practice session)


Basement (1972???)

All of our records were going to be Big Cellars.  Jim Putnam, Bruce Jaeger, Gus Fontaine, Bill Knoble. I'd post the tape itself except (1) The sound of the ancient cassette tape is muddy muddy woof-woof, and... (B) You can still hear enough to make all of us really embarrassed!   Oh, hell--this little fragment ought to scar you for life!  Kemp Owyne


Jethro_Burns_and_Bruce_Jaeger.jpg (9749 bytes)  With the late Jethro Burns (1978 or 1979)