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Bruce's Magazine Articles

In my freelance writing days, I had over a hundred computer-related articles published in Compute!, Creative Computing, RUN, Commodore Microcomputers, Uptime, Commodore Power/Play, Software Supermarket, Twin Cities 128, and newletters here and there. You can put "R.I.P." after all those magazines!  I also wrote several articles or stories for Bluegrass Unlimited, Model Railroader, Car Exchange and Midwest Motor Sport, and was a columnist for a Twin-Cities based country music magazine called Countryside for most of its life. When I started technical writing as a profession, I couldn't afford the time it took to write the magazine articles.

I'm posting some of my articles here in the hopes that I can shame myself into writing for publication again! It will also be a lot of fun for people looking themselves up with a search engine when they find themselves here!

All articles are copyrighted either by Bruce Jaeger or the publication listed. All rights reserved.

No attempt has been made to reproduce the formatting as they were published. In a very few cases I've corrected misspellings or toned-down scatological references that at the time I thought were hilarious.

Sports Cars

Midwest Motor Sport: "Midwest Motor Sport" was a monthly tabloid about autosports in the Minnesota region. With the possible exception of the 1975 MOWOG article, this is just ordinary reporting. The main value for reproducing them here is so that some kids may find their parents or grandparents name!)

The 1975 MOWOG Winter Carnival Road Rally
(Includes photos by Armand Peterson)
Weekend on Wheels III (1976)
The 1976 MOWOG Winter Carnival Road Rally
(Includes photos by Bryan LaPlant)
The DNF: "The DNF" (stands for "Did Not Finish") was the monthly newsletter of the University of Minnesota Sports Car Club (UMSCC). These are rife with insider sports-car references.

Manifold Destiny (a disgusting, juvenile collection of bad car and sex puns)
Unchaste at Any Speed (an uncalled-for sequel to Manifold Destiny)
From Here to Maternity (another uncalled-for sequel to Manifold Destiny)
In Cold Mud  (Surprise! Not a sequel to the above!)
Rinkleforsken (This is absolutely, totally redundantly awful...)
The 731st Andromediamo Rally
Hot Rods to Heck



Bluegrass Unlimited: "Bluegrass Unlimited" is a nationally-distributed magazine about Bluegrass music. On request, they recently gave me the rights back to these stories.  They are rife with insider bluegrass references.

The Minnesota State Bass Festival
The Bluegrass Mountain Boys Save the World
A Horrible Tale
The Bluegrass Quiz
A Musician’s New Year’s Resolutions
How to Get Kicked Out of A Band
Psyche 1001 Case Study #43  (Banjo)
Psyche 1001 Case Study #46  (Fiddle)
Psyche 1001 Case Study #49  (see "Inside Bluegrass" below)
Psyche 1001 Case Study #53  (Mandolin)
Psyche 1001 Case Study #57  (Bass)
Psyche 1001 Case Study #61  (Spoons)
Inside Bluegrass: "Inside Bluegrass" is the monthly magazine published by the MBOTMA,
(The Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association.)
These are rife with insider bluegrass references.

Psyche 1001 Case Study #49 (Dobro)
Unidentified Frailing Object
Professor Jaeger's History of Bluegrass



I wrote dozens of short programs for magazine readers to type in. All of those are outdated, unless you're still using your Commodore, Bali Arcade or Apple II. I may include a few because the style was, well, interesting...  These articles were rife with insider computer references.   (Are you noticing a trend, here?)

Unpublished Cleaning the Commodore 64's Keyboard  (The magazines were afraid of this one!)
Creative Computing
(See final letter from Creative Computing)
Die Wahrheit (The Truth)



MTM Minnegazette The Railroad Through Campus    Train tracks used to run by Morrill Hall!
Unpublished: While I'm proud that I sold nearly 90% of all the freelance pieces I wrote, still something had to fill out that remaining 10%! Here are some of the least embarrassing.

All Full Up
My Husband Turned Out To Be A Goat   What was I thinking?
The Tough Guy the Syndicate Couldn't Kill
Hot Rod Fools   A spoof of 60's hot rod books.