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Rally and Autocross

(UMSCC: University of Minnesota Sports Car Club)

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1973-10_Bruce_MG_hard_left_turn.jpg (29790 bytes)
(Photo by John Low)

October, 1973. my MGB in a hard left turn at an autocross on the University of Minnesota's Lot 33. (First Place, Class D) The MGB, even with anti-sway bars, much preferred broad sweeping turns. On a tight course, the Saab Sonnets would eat me alive.

mg_bruce_thompson_600.jpg (36242 bytes)
(Photo by Bruce Thompson)
On the way to a Class E win, 1974(?) 
(The Met Council of Sports Car Clubs revised their classifications, putting the MGB in Class E instead of the previous year's Class D)

Rally12_MG_dead.jpg (15031 bytes)

I had to abandon the MG in a filling station's lot when the bolt holding on the oil filter let go while I was leading out the checkpoint crews for the UMSCC "Frog Hunt" rally (197x).

1974-05_F1_400.jpg (17872 bytes)
(Photo by Laurel Pouchak)

I've worn a beard since 1976. This is before that. That beanie was an antique even at the time of the photo (1975.)  I shaved off the foliage in 2008.  A beard sure hides a multitude of chins...

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UMSCC_sticker_new.jpg (14670 bytes)

Beulla_Borknorfle.jpg (58049 bytes)
My navigator Beulah Borknorfle. I was trying to prove that I didn't need one. We can't remember the rally, and I don't remember how well "we" did...